Aydon Castle

Aydon Castle, Northumberland

~ History ~

1296 ~ Robert de Reymes aquires the manor from the Vaux family.

1305 ~ A license to crenellate the manor is granted by King Edward I and a new hall is built together with a small court.

1315 ~ The custodian Hugh de Gales betrays Aydon to the Scots, who is turn cause significant damage.

1317 ~ A similar incident to 1315 results in further damage leaving the site valued at nothing because of its ruined state when Robert dies some six years later.

1346 ~ Aydon is surrendered to the Scots led by David Bruce on condition the garrison would be spared.

1353 ~ Hugh de Reymes grants the castle for life to Robert de Herle of Styford.

1376 ~ Hugh's heir Nicholas de Reymes finally recover the castle only after being released from Corfe Castle for the crime of sheltering murderers. He soon abandons the castle.

1450 ~ Following the death of Robert IV de Reymes, Aydon is ruinous.

1542 ~ The Carnabys obtain the castle by exchange and renovate it.

1640's ~ During the English Civil War the castle owner Ralph Carnaby is imprisoned by Parliament in Mulgrave Castle.

1653 ~ The castle is sold to William Collinson who some 50 years later sells it on to John Douglas until its eventual use as a farm.




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Aydon Castle, previously sometimes called Aydon Hall, is a fortified manor house at Aydon, near to the town of Corbridge. Almost completely intact, it is one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th century English manor house. There is suprisingly plenty to explore at this little castle than first appears.

The castle is built upon a promontory above the Cor Burn in the early 14th century. Originally it would have been isolated by a ditch 15 feet deep and 30 feet wide, with curtain walls some 4 feet thick as protection against border raids by the Scots.

Access to the castle is very easy with a car park close by. The castle itself has plenty to offer both inside and out as it is very complete and beautifully restored. Well worth a visit to this lesser known castle.