Baltersan Castle

Baltersan Castle, Ayrshire


1 mile south of Maybole




KA19 8HQ

Baltersan Castle is a 16th century tower L-plan house that once had a wooded park and gardens.

Above the lintel the builder has inscribed "The name of the lord is a strong tower: The righteous runneth into it."

~ History ~

1530 ~ Egidia Blair, Lady Row, dies in her house of Baltersan, her estate held on a lease from Crossraguel Abbey. Her house is demolished following her death.

1574 ~ David Kennedy obtains the estate from Allan Stewat of Crossraguel Abbey, after boiling him in a sop at Dunre Castle until her signs it over.

1584 ~ The castle of Baltersan is built on the site of the demolished house. Gardens, orchards and a park are later added.

1656 ~ The castle and estate pass to the Kennedys of Culzean.

1685 ~ Major Thomas Kennedy holds the castle.

1721 ~ Captain Hugh Arthuthnot, cousin to the Kennedys, holds the castle for a short period until its return to the Kennedys, when it is later abandoned.

~ Lady Egidia Blairs last will and testament ~

The original owner of Baltersan, the Lady Egidia Blair, throws some light on the people and events at the time of her death in her will and testament.

"Seeing nothing is more certain than death, or more uncertain than the hour of death, therefore it is that I, Giles Blair, Lady Row, although weak in body, yet sound in mind, blessed be God, make my testament as follows:

In the first place, I give and bequeath my soul to God Almighty, and the blessed Virgin Mary, and to all saints, and my body to be buried in the Monastery of Crossraguel, in the blessed Virgin's aisle.

And I appoint and ordain for my executors, David Kennedy of Pennyglen, Sir John Kennedy, Prebendary of Maybole, and the Reverend Father in Christ, William, by Divine permission, Abbot and Superior of the Monastery of Crossraguel.

Legacies-Imprimis, I leave and bequeath to the Convent of Crossraguel, twenty pounds.
Item, to the Minim Friars of Ayr, forty pounds.
Item, to the Dominican Friars of Ayr, five merks.
Item, to the Friars of Irvine, five merks.
Item, to my executors, forty pounds, to be divided equally amongst them. . . . Item, for building an altar in the Church of Saint Oswald, twenty merks.

Item, to James Kennedy, Bailie of Carrick, twenty marks, conditionally, that he assist and defend my executors, and do not suffer them to be disturbed, or molested, by himself or any other person: otherwise, I do not leave him the said twenty merks.

Item, to Thomas Fergusson, Dominican Chaplain of Kirkoswald, one boll of meal!

Item, to the Curate of Kirkoswald, one boll of meal!

Item, to the poor woman, the cripple of Maybole, two firlots of meal.

Item, to the Chaplains and Friars, on the day of my burial, twenty merks.

Item, to the poor upon the said day, forty shillings in drink, and a chalder of meal, and tea stones of cheese!

Item, I bequeath the residue and remainder of all my goods, for repairing my part of the bridge upon the water of Girvan, formerly built by me; and if anything remains over and above, I bequeath the same to the poor, to be laid out at the discretion of my executors."