Dun Skeig

Dun Skeig, Kintyre


Clachan, Tarbert


Off A83


PA29 6XN

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Dun Skeig2 (2)
Dun Skeig (8)
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Dun Skeig (5)
Dun Skeig (4)
Dun Skeig (3)

Dun Skeig is a prehistoric fort located on a prominent hilltop position overlooking the mouth of West Loch Tarbert on Kintyre, with spectacular views across to Knapdale and the Isle of Jura. There are infact three successive seperate duns that occupy the fort. The first dun is difficult to make out with a single stone wall. The second oval shaped dun at the south-west end of the fort is easier to make out, and is clearly of an earlier date as much of its stone was used to make the third dun that is clearly visible and better preserved, with debris walls between 8 to 18 feet thick in places. The smaller dun does however show traces of a defensive bar-hole in the north wall. There are however no traces of cells or galleries built within any of the walls.

In its day the chief or warlord of the fort would have commanded a strategically crucial water way with views up the loch and out to the Hebredies, secure from attacks from the sea perched high on its steep sided hilltop and thick defensive walls. 

Today you can park your car in the village and walk up the road to the track that takes you up towards the hillfort. 

Please be aware the dun itself is on farm land, grazed by sheep and bery boggy in places, so due care and consideration should be taken. Fortunately we had our drone to do all the hard work with spectacular views from the top.