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Garleton Castle, East Lothian

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~ History ~

1400 ~ Garleton is held by the Yuilles for the Lindsay family.

1486 ~ Sir David Lindsay of the Mount, famous playwright is born in the castle.

1550's ~ The Towers family who had aquired the castle later sell it to the Setons. Lord Seton bestows the castle upon his 3rd son, Sir John Seton of Barnes Castle, diplomat at King Phililp II of Spain's court and Master of the Royal Household and Royal Bedchamber. Later he became Treasurer to King James VI of Scotland.

He sets about rebuilding the castle, using stone robbed from Byres Castle which was destroyed by the English in 1548.

1594 ~ Sir John dies. His heirs later also acquire Hailes Castle.

1724 ~ The Setons are forced to sell their forfeited castle to the Earl of Wemyss after their involvement in the Jacobite Revolution nine years earlier. 

Later much of the stone is robbed from the castle to build a farm cottage on the site.

1885 ~ The castle is described as a fragmentary ruin.


1.5 miles north of Haddington




EH32 0QH

Garleton Castle is a 16th century courtyard castle located in the very scenic Garleton Hills. 

Most of the original L-Plan tower has sadly gone, but another part of the castle and curtain wall is almost entact, including a block converted into a farm house, long disused.

Today the castle is located within the grounds of some cottages just off the road, so consideration should be given to the families who live there.