Bellister Castle

Bellister Castle, Northumberland

Bellister Castle (3)
Bellister Castle (4)


South of Haltwhistle


Bellister Bank, off A69


Bellister Castle is located on the south side of the River Tyne, on an artificial mound, with no trace of teh moat that once surrounded it.

A large 19th century house has been built alongside it in the castellated style. The site is owned by the National Trust but sadly not open to the public or has little history.

~ History ~

1312 ~ Bellister is acquired by Gerrard Salveyn but confiscated from him within fifty years.

1480's ~ John de Blenkinsopp gains possession and builds himself a tower.

1541 ~ A survey of 1541 records “At Bellester is a bastell house* in thoccupanc'n of one Blenkinsoppe & is in measurable good rep'ac'ons.”

1669 ~ A house is built alongside the tower.

1715 ~ The tower is sold to John Bacon. 

1818 ~ Reverend Henry Westall who had obtain the tower through marriage, sells it to John Kirsop of Wrexham.

He build a castellated new house.