Duddo Tower

Duddo Tower, Northumberland

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Duddo Tower is perched on a high crag with spectacular views. It is not an easy tower to get to, but access is via a gate on the corner of the road below the tower, with a difficult climb up the crag through thick brambles.

~ History ~

1496 ~ King James IV of Scotland orders the destruction of the tower of Duddo held by clan Stryvelling.

1541 ~ The tower and barmkin of Duddo is reported as being ruinous.

1580's ~ The Clavering family absorbthe remains of the tower into the construction of a new tower house.

1788 ~ The estate is sold by John Clavering of Callaly Castle to Sir Francis Blake.

1823 ~ The Blakes sell the estate to Thomas Fryer for £45,000.