Prior Castells Tower

Prior Castells Tower, Inner Farne Island


Prior Castells Tower (2)
Prior Castells Tower (1)


Inner Farn Island




NE68 7SY

Prior Castell's Tower can be seen from Bamburgh beach and castle and comprises of a three storey stone tower house with a castellated parapet built at the end of the 15th century. The tower which was originally 4 storeys, measuring 40 feet by 23 feet with walls up to 6 feet thick.

Access by boat. Viewed from the fabulous beach.

~ History ~

1500 ~ Thomas Castell, Prior of Durham, has a stone tower built on the island in order to protect the Houze of Farne, a small Benedictine monastic cell established some two hundred and fifty years earlier.

1530's ~ The Dissolution of the Monasteries leads to the monks being forced to leave the tower.

1559 ~ The tower is garrisoned as a coastal fortification with repairs undertaken, recognising that if it was captured, it could easily become a base from which to harass the shipping ports of Berwick, Bamburgh and Holy Island.

1637 ~ The last of the garrison leaves the tower.

1673 ~ King Charles II grants a license to erect a beacon and on the tower and so begins a new role as a lighthouse.