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Kildonan Dun, Kintyre

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North of Campbeltown




PA28 6QR

Kildonan Dun is a well preserved fort from the first or second century AD, built on a rocky knoll on the eastern shores of Kintyre overlooking Kilbrannan Sound. The dun would have been the centre of a small farming and fishing community.

The structure was inhabited for over seven hundred years.

Kildonan was incorperated into the ancient Kingdom of Dál Riata, with its capital at Dunadd in Kilmartin to the north. It was occupied throughout the Dark ages and although abandoned sometime after, it was re-occupied in the late twelfth century and was used as a livestock stock enclosure.

The dun was protected by walls between 4 to 13 feet thick within a curtain wall. It was constructed from rubble and fronted with boulders. Access was via a single entrance which was secured by a wooden door. Within the curtain wall there would have been one or more huts and almost certainly an area for holding livestock. The uneven ground seen today was originally flattened with gravel and the entrance passage was paved. The perimeter wall also included a wall walk accessed from stairs built within its thickness.

Access to this fabulous Dun is just a short walk from a car park located almost opposite on the landward side of the road that hugs the coastline. The secenery on a clear summers day is simply stunning.