Llanvair Discoed Castle

Llanvair Discoed Castle, Powys

~ History ~

1270's ~ Sir Ralph Monthermer builds a stone castle on the site of an earlier castle built by Payn Fitz-John.

1300's ~ The castle passes to the Montacute family.

1541 ~ Following the execution of Margaret, wife of Sir Richard Pole, the castle reverts to the Crown.

1610 ~ The castle is sold to Edward Woodward, who in turn later sells it to Rhys Kemeys.


Llanfair, 2 miles north west of Caerwent


Off A48


SY21 0RA

In the raised grounds hidden in think undergrowth next to the village church are the overgrown fragments of a 13th century castle  built by Sir Ralph Monthermer upon the site of an earlier fortress.

Access to the castle is via the church located next tothe road, where with consideration there is parking on the road. As you head into the churchyard walk to the far righthand side of the church wall. The ground the otherside of the wall is raised and covered in thick undergrowth.         A short carefull walk through the tangled ivy, roots and low branches you will find the walls of the castle.

A hidden gem well worth the short walk.