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Crickhowell Castle, Powys

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~ History ~

1100's -  The Turbervill family build a timber motte and bailey castle.

1272 - Sir Grimbald Pauncefote, who had some years earlier married Sybil, a Turberville heiress, rebuilds the castle in stone.

1402 - Following many decades in Mortimer hands, Crickhowell is restored to Sir John Pauncefote, great-grandson of Sir Grimbald.

1403 - Sir John is unable to resist Owain Glyndwr's Welsh forces who leave the castle in ruins following their attack.

1500's - The castle is no longer inhabited and as it falls into further ruin, local inhabitants rob its stone and other building materials.


Crickhowell Park, 7 miles Northwest of Abergavenny


Off A40 /  A4077



It is believed that Crickhowell has existed since at least the Iron Age when settlers built the hill fort on Crug Hywel also known as  Table Mountain. This dominates the landscape at 1,480 feet above Crickhowell. Romans also settled in the area.

The standing ruins that remain are the northern gate tower and part of the gatehouse below the motte and keep. The castle occupied a vantage point with commanding views of the Usk valley. A stone shell keep once occupied the motte with a strong gatehouse protecting the inner bailey. The outer bailey was substantial and protected by many towers and gatehouses.

Today the remains of the castle are set within the local park, where there is plenty of parking. Disappointingly there is little left of the castle to explore, but if you are passing through, well worth a stroll through the park to what ruins remain.