Castell Morgraig

Castell Morgraig, Glamorgan

~ History ~

1250's ~ Castell Morgraig is built by the Anglo-Norman de Clare lords of Glamorgan, to guard lands recently annexed from native Welsh lords.

1257 ~ Forces loyal to Llywelyn the Last, prince of Wales, attack castles across Glamorgan, destroying Castell Morgraig's sister castle at Llangwynwyd, and forcing the English to abandon the unfinished Castell Morgraig. The English never return to complete the half completed castle during an extensive period of fighting against native Welsh rulers.

1267 ~ De Clare defeats the last native Welsh Lord in Glamorgan and begins the building of a new might castle at Caerphilly.


Thornhill Road, Caerphilly




CF83 1LY

Castell Morgriag is an unfinished castle ruin lost beneath undergrowth and hidden away from view,to all but the most determined castle-finder.

Access to the castle is via a track that runs from a car park behind a public house where with consideration you can park your car.

Unfortunately the once tendered grounds are now overgrown with brambles and thick undergrowth, making exploration very difficult to make out the castle walls and towers. I've therefore included a map to help the discovery of this ruin.