Loughor Castle

Loughor Castle, Glamorgan


77 Castle St, Loughor





Loughor Castle is located on a small recreational green off a main road. Althought there is very little left to see, the castle is freely accessible with parking available on a side street.

~ History ~

AD75 ~ Roman soldiers from the Second Augustan Legion establish Leucarum (Loughor), to guard the major communications route that crisscross South Wales and includes the River Loughor.

Leucarum sits along a Roman road that stretches from Viroconium (modern Wroxeter) to Moridunum (Carmarthen) and links several forts, including Nidum (Neath).

The auxiliary fort at Leucarum is essentially rectangular, and, at one corner, now covered by the castle, a tower stood.

200's ~ The Roman's abandon the site.

300's - 400's ~ The Romans return and reoccupy the fortress before leaving it permanently.

1116 ~ A ringwork castle is built for Henry Beaumont to control the important route along South Wales. Its first commander is Henry de Viliers, Warwick's representative. Initially, Loughor Castle is defended with timber ramparts and contains wooden domestic buildings.

1151 ~ The Welsh attack Loughor Castle and burn it to the ground. The Normans promptly regain their hold on the castle, and soon make repairs to the structure, adding several stone buildings.

1200's ~ John de Braose becomes Loughor Castle's new owner. He adds a low stone curtain wall.