Penrice Castle

Penrice Castle, Gower Peninsula, Glamorgan

~ History ~

1100c - Following the Norman conquest land is granted to the de Penrice family for their part in supporting William Duke of Normany's invasion and subsequent crowning as King William I of England.

1300c - A new stone castle is built in stone on a new site northwest of the original ringwork castle known as the Mountybank.

1410 - The last de Penrice marries a Mansel and so the castle passes to the Mansel family in whose private care it remains.

1700c - The castle is damaged in the English Civil War


Penrice, near Swansea


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Penrice Castle is a large and very irregular hexagon with a round keep on the West side, to which were attached two other towers and wall. At the Northwest corner is a twin square towered gatehouse with another tower in the interior.

The ground falls away steeply on the North, East and South sides where there are various other turrets.

The whole structure is rather poorly built and is now in a dangerous condition.

The oldest part of the castle dates back to the 12th century whereas the curtain wall and semi-circular towers are 13th century.