Sinniness Tower

Sinniness Tower, Dumfries and Galloway


Glenluce, Nr Milton, Newton Stewart


B Road of A747



Sinniness Castle is now little more than a total ruin with just one small corner of a tower remaining above ground a a vaulted basement beneath.

The ruins lay close by the road on private farm land.

~ History ~

1571 ~ Archibald Kennedy builds himself a new tower at Sinniness.

1670's ~ The tower passes to Sir John Dalrymple of Stair.

He is a well known Covenanter at odds with the Crown.

1680's ~ The tower is abandoned and allowed to fall into ruin.

1692 ~ Dalrymple becomes infamous for his participation in the Glencoe Massacre of Clan MacDonald. Despite political fury, he survives to be raised Earl of Stair eleven years later.