Kingenclaugh Tower

Kingenclaugh Castle, Ayrshire

~ History ~

1620 ~ Kingencleugh Castle is built for the Cambells to replace an earlier fortification.

Kingencleugh was the residence successively of Hugh and Robert Campbell, both ardent reformers. George Wishart and John Knox were entertained here and Knox also preached at this castle when he visited Mauchline in 1556


Near Mauchline


Off A76



Kingencleugh Castle proved to be one of our greatest castle-finding challenges, finding is whereabouts.

Following what seemed an age driving round the countryside with map in hand searching for this elusive ruin, we eventually parked up near the entrance of the modern Kingencleugh House and farm, discovering a well trodden path that skirts round the  edge of the estate and surrounding fields.

The walk leads you past the castle which you can see through the trees across the small gorge below, eventually leading you to a pretty wooden bridge. Once across, you can head back up the gorge following a long forgotten unused path, with some difficulty I might add, eventually finding the ruined tower on the edge of a well maintained field behind the manor. With consideration you can access the tower without straying onto the private land.

Not much is left of the tower but it still maintains a number of interesting features.

A lovely walk alongside a small gorge for a ruined tower, only for the most determined Castle-Finder!