Kilvarock Castle, Invernesshire


North East of Inverness


Off B9091 / A96



Kilverock Castle is a private home, occupied continuously by the founding family, and so due consideration and courtesy should be applied if you wish to visit the castle with permission.

The view of the castle would be from the River Nairn, looking up the steep bank upon where the castle looks out commanding the surrounding countryside.

~ History ~

1460 ~ The Baron of Kilverock is licensed by the Lord of the Isles to build himself a castle. The building of a massive five storey tower house begins.

1553 ~ The residential wing of the castle is added to provide greater luxery from the cold dark tower house for the Lord and his family.

1562 ~ Mary Queen of Scots visits the castle.

1746 ~ Hugh, the sixteenth Laird, plays a minuet on the violin for Bonnie Prince Charles, two days before the Battle of Culloden.

After the the Jabobite defeat and with it all hope of a Stuart King to reclaim the throne, Bonnie Prince Charlie flees to the Highlands, whilst his victor the English Duke of Cumberland, appears at the Castle with his redcoats. Uncharacteristcally he spares both castle and the laird.