Invergarry Castle

Invergarry Castle, Inverness-shire

~ History ~

1602 ~ The MacKenzie clan raid the MacDonell's territory. As a result of this serious attack they decide to fortify the Rock of the Raven, a rocky outcrop on the west bank of Loch Oich. An L-plan tower house is built.

1610 ~ Building of the first Castle of Invergarry begins

1645 ~ Glengarry raided by the Covenanters

1646 ~ Montrose visits the Castle

1654  ~ Invergarry castle is destroyed by Oliver Cromwell's General Monk

1660's ~ Building of the new Castle begins

1688 ~ The castle is held for King James II.

1690 ~ Jacobite officers take refuge in the Castle. Invergarry lands declared forfeit by the Crown.

1692 ~ The castle is surrendered & occupied by Hanovarian English troops.

1715 ~ Glengarry is recaptured from the English by Jacobites forces.

1716 ~ The castle is again reoccupied by English troops who then burn the castle down.

1727 ~ The repaired castle is occupied by Thomas Rawlinson

1745 ~ Bonnie Prince Charles visits the castle before and after the Battle of Culloden which ends in the final defeat of the Jacobite army and permanent end to the restoration of a Stewart King to the throne.

1750 ~ The castle, like the Jacobite cause, is destroyed forever. Troops under "Butcher Cumberland" blow up parts of the castle as part of his systematic suppression of the Highlands.

1754 ~ Alestair Ruadh MacDonnell becomes laird and the confiscated family estates were returned to him, probably in return for services he had rendered as a spy in the Jacobite camp on the continent.

They stripped much of the area of its forests, passing the wood through a sawmill they build in Invergarry. The last of the woodland is shipped out as logs via the newly built Caledonian Canal.

1780s ~ The MacDonnells also clear their land of much of its population, on the basis that there was more money to be made by grazing sheep on the land than by allowing it to be used by the existing tenants for their cattle.


Glengarry Castle Hotel, Invergarry


Off A82


PH35 4HW

Invergarry Castle can be found in the grounds of Glengarry Hotel, which if you're using a road map to find the castle is not obvious, as we found trying to locate the red dot on the map.

Although the castle is fenced off due to its ruinous state, you can still see much of what is left. In its hey dey it would have been quite an impressive fortress. The best view would be looking back up at the castle from below the rocky knoll upon which the castle is built, overlooking the countryside for miles around, which sadly we simply did not have the time to do.