Innellan Castle

Innellan Castle (Knockamillie Castle), Argyll

~ History ~

1646 ~ The castle belonging to the Lamonts is destroyed by their bitter rivals the Campbells, in retaliation for the invasion of their lands.

The Campbells make an unprecedented slaughter of the Lamonts. More than 200 members of the Lamont clan, including women and children, are slaughtered in the "Massacre of Dunoon" from Campbell's hands. Another 36 Lamonts are hanged on a single tree in Dunoon, another is buried alive. At that time, two Lamont castles are also destroyed at Toward and Ascog.

A tombstone is erected in the Kilmun cemetery. Inscribed on it, the inscription says, "I, the Great Lamont of the whole Cowal, give you - the Black Baron of Lochawe (or Campbell) a grave in which you can bury your son in misery."

A fortified tower house is built on the site of the original castle.

1715 ~ Captain Duncan Campbell of Kames and Knockamillie fights for the Jacobites during the rising against the Government troops.

1736 ~ Duncan marries Anne Crooks of Londenderry.

1764 ~ Duncan dies and is succeeded by his son Henry, 4th Campbell Laird of Knockamellie.

1771 ~ Henry marries his second wife Elizabeth Colquhorn, after divorcing his first wife Alice Campbell. Together they have 7 children in addition to the 2 sons Henry has from his first marriage.

1802 ~ Henry dies. The tower is left to fall into ruin.




Knockamillie Terrace, A815


Nr PA23 7SG

Only a corner of this ancient keep which once dominated the hillside remains. The castle is a reminder of the old days of clan feuds and is the second to stand on the same site.

Over 100 years ago the remains of swords, broken spears, arrowheads, several old pistols, an iron cannonball and a quantity of Roman coins were found here.

There is very little of this castle left to explore, although the views are quite impressive.

It took us a while to find this castle, even with an OS Map.

Head towards the golf club which takes you up through narrow lanes at the back of some houses. Before you get to the gold club boundry what is leftof the castle is on your right, easily missed as we did, several times!