Galdenoch Tower

Galdenoch Tower, Dumfies and Galloway


West of Galdnenoch


Minor B road off B738



Galdenoch Castle is a three storey L-plan Tower House. The main rectangular block consisted of a vaulted ground floor, a hall on the first floor with and accommodation on the floor above.

Today the castle is located next to a cottage and farm at the far end ofa long track. Access to the castle is very easy through a gate at the rear of the castle where you can park your car.

~ History ~

1550's ~ Gilbert Agnew of Lochnaw begins the building of a small tower house.

He is the younger son of Sir Andrew Agnew, Baron of Lochnaw who is recently killed fighting the English at the Battle of Pinkie.

Gilbert's elder brother Sir Patrick Agnew inherits the main family estates centred on nearby Lochnaw Castle.


1570 ~ Gilbert dies and is succeeded by his son, Uchtred Agnew.

His business investments in the construction of salt pans at Galdendock unfortunately runs into trouble due to unpaid rents, leaving the family in severe financial difficulties.

1635 ~  The debts only worsen following Uchtred's death, which pass to his son Patrick. As active Covenanter he receives a bankrupting fine of £1,000 as punishment.

1667 ~ Following Patrick's death his estates pass to his son, also called Patrick. By this stage the Agnews of Galdendoch have become overwhelmed by debt and Patrick has little choice but to sell up. The tower is sold to Sir James Agnew, Baron of Lochnaw and re-absorbed into the estates of the primary branch of the family. With his main residence at Lochnaw Castle, James has little use for the Castle which is eventually abandoned and allowed to fall into ruin.