Fernie Castle

Fernie Castle, Fife


Letham, Cupar


Cupar Road, A92


KY15 7RU

Fernie Castle comprises a tall 16th century L-plan tower, unusually developed, to which considerable additions have been made in and since the late 17th century. Today it is a lavish hotel set in beautiful grounds.

~ History ~

1353 ~ Duncan, the 13th Earl of Fife, is recorded as holding a castle at Fernie.

1527 ~ Andrew Fernie obtains a charter erecting Fernie into a free barony and he confers the life-rent on his wife, Barbara Logane.

1551 ~  Their son succeedes to his fathers titles and estates.

1582 ~  William Fernie of Foxtoun purchases the castle.

1715 ~ The castle is forfeit to the Crown due to its Lairds involvement in the Jacobite uprising.

1720 ~ The family finally recover their castle from the Crown.