Esslemont Castle

Esslemont Castle, Aberdeenshire

~ History ~

1493 ~ Esslemont Castle is attacked and burnt by the Hays of Ardendracht. They are later fined by The Privy Council £20 for the destruction they caused.

1500 ~ The Cheynes receive a licence to crenellate a part of their repairs.

1564 ~ Mary, Queen of Scots is entertained at the castle.


1570 ~ A new two-storey L-plan Tower House is built in a corner of the existing castle with one of the round towers of the curtain wall incorporated into its Tower House. Stone from the original castle is used in its construction.


1625 ~ The castle passes to the Errol family but, as they had other residences, Esslemont is neglected.

1646 ~ Esslemont is briefly occupied by Covenanter forces but they are driven off by the pro-Royalist forces from Fyvie Castle, "killing thirty six of them, and brought away their horses and arms, with such other stuff as they had"

1728 ~ The castle is sold to Robert Gordon and continues ti be used as an occasional residence until Esslemont House was built forty years later, thereafter falling into ruin.


Esslemont, Ellon




AB41 8NY

Esslemont Castle was originally an enclosure castle until being turned into a three storey L-shaped Tower House. It is situated very close to the A920, almost hidden by trees.

This crest in the south wall shows that Esslemont Castle was once a Gordon property.

There is still plenty of the castle that remains to explore, including extensive foundations of a bakery, brewhouse and stables that lay hidden beneath the undergrowth.