Dun Nan Gall Broch

Dun Nan Gall Broch, Isle of Mull


South-East of Ballygown




PA73 6LU

Dun nan Gall is notable among the brochs on Mull because of its state of preservation and its well defined and complex internal features. It lies just a short walk south of Croig Farmhouse on the shore of Ballygown Bay and occupies the summit of a rocky knoll .  It is protected to the north east by a high, shear rock face, but is accessible from the south west where the cliffs diminish in height and grassy slopes offer a comparatively easy approach.  The internal enclosure was defended on all but the north-east side by a dry-stone wall.  No artificial defence was necessary to the north east where the shear cliff offered natural protection.  The dry-stone wall remains as a low, grass-covered band of core material about ten feet in width.

The entrance is on the north-west side. A modern dry-stone wall has been built across its mouth.

A fabulous place to explore with spectacular views across the bay.