Dun Aisgain

Dun Aisgain, Isle of Mull


Opposite Burg Cottage




PA74 6NH

Dun Aisgain is a very well-preserved, galleried dun or broch sited on the summit of a low, rocky outcrop South West of Burg Farmhouse, Loch Tuath.

The broch, a complex and substantial stone-built roundhouse, dates back to the Iron Age (between 600 BC and AD 400).  It is situated on a rocky knoll overlooking Port Burg and Loch Tuath.

The broch measures about 40 feet in diameter within a dry-stone wall about 8 feet thick. Both wall-faces are constructed of neatly coursed blocks. The entrance is situated on the south-east side with a passage 10 feet in length, with door holes still visible in the stone work where a bar would have been drawn behind a low wooden door.

An outwork in the form of a stone wall can be found round the summit outside the dun. It appears, for the most part, as a low grass-covered band of stony debris, but on the South West side it is better preserved and the outer face stands to a height of 5 feet in six courses.

The broch can be seen from the road where you can park on the verge and take the walk across the bracken covered fields, whichat times come up to chest height. One the day I visited this fabulous broch I came across two stags hiding in the bracken, which within minutes disappeared further down the shoreline. A fabulous place to visit andwell worth the effort.