Drumin Castle

Drumin Castle, Moray






AB37 9AN

Drumin Castle is situated on a prominent bluff overlooking the confluence of the Rivers Avon and Livet, a site which commands views of three valleys and once dominated the approach toward Speyside.

The tower was erected in the fourteenth century by Alexander Stewart, the infamous 'Wolf of Badenoch' on the site of an Iron Age Dun,

~ History ~

1372 ~ King Robert II grants the lands of Strathavon, including Drumin, to his son Alexander Stewart.

1390 ~ Alexander Stewart, referred to as the "Wolf of Badenoch" for his firey temper and harsh justice, sacks Elgin Cathedral as part of a long term feud with the Bishop of Moray. At the time of this crises Dumin Castle is held by one of his sons.

1480's ~ Sir Walter Stewart, the Wolf's Grandson, builds a strong tower at Drumin,  replacing the earlier fortification.

1490 ~ Sir Walter disposes of his castle and lands pertaining to Drumin to Alexander, 3rd Earl of Huntly.

1594 ~ The Marquis of Argyll stops briefly at Drumin Castle with his army of 10,000 men before the Battle of Glenlivet. His army made up of Highlanders from Clans Campbell, Murray, Stewart, Forbes, Macgillivray, Maclean, Grant, and the Chattan Confederation of Clan Mackintoshmen, march to do battle against the Catholic forces of George Gordon, Earl of Huntly and Francis Hay, 9th Earl of Erroll.

The Earl of Huntly's forces are significantly smaller made up with 2,000 Highlanders from Clan Gordon, Hay, Comyn, Cameron and Cumming. However, his mounted army supported with artillery, rout the much larger force of 10,000 infantry in a spectacular victory gainst all the odds.

1700's ~ The Stewart family continue to live at Drumin and nearby Kilmaichlie, until Gordon Stewart as the last resident leaves the castle, which later falls into ruin.