Dalquharren (New)

Dalquharren Castle (New), Ayrshire

~ History ~

1785 ~ The architect Robert Adam start building the new Dalquharren castle for Thomas Kennedy of Dunure Castle.

1930's ~ Both Culzean and Dalquharran castles are put up for aution by the Kennedy family. It is bought by a Timber merchant from Troon who subsequently leases it to the Scottish Youth Hostel Association. It is later sold to John Stewart who is unable to afford the huge costs to maintain the building and so, following the removal of the roof to avoid tax, the building falls into ruin.






KA26 9SW

While Culzean Castle is celebrated as one of Scotland's architectural gems, Robert Adam's other Ayrshire masterpiece is the relatively unknown Dalquharran Castle.

The scale and architecture of the castle are simply magnificent with plenty to explore. A wonderful ruin well worth the time and effort to walk the short distance from the road to the castle grounds.