Covington Castle

Covington Castle, Lanarkshire

~ History ~

1160's ~ Colban, a Flemish mercenary is invited by King Malcolm IV of Scotland to settle in the rea and bring with him his men at arms, to help secure the King's peace and bring local lords to heel.

Colban initially raised a motte upon which timber defences were erected.

1368 ~ Covington passes to the Lindsay family.

1442 ~ During these terbulent times the Lindsey family build themselves a stone tower house, with defensive earthworks and ditch.

1679 ~ The castle is sold to Sir George Lockhart and later falls into disrepair.


Covingtom Road, Thankerton


Off A73


ML12 6NE

Covington Castle is a fifteenth century Tower House built by the Lindsay family and occupied for two hundred years. They had acquired it from the descendants of the original owner, Colban, a Flemish mercenary who had been invited by the Scottish King to settle in Lanarkshire in the twelfth century to help secure control over rebellious lords.

The castle can be seen from the road and can be accessed by parking outside the church opposite with a short walk across the field to the ruin. Inside the castle you'll find it ankle deep in mud, so boots or wellies advisable. Thankfully this is one of the few border towerhouse ruins you can get into for a good look round its interior, which still retains much of its original features.