Cnoc Na Spoine Dun

Cnoc Na Spoine Dun, Isle of Mull

Cnoc Na Spoine Dun (7)
Cnoc Na Spoine Dun


Glenaros, Isle of Mull


Off A848


PA72 6JP

Cnoc na Sroine can be seen from the road, overlooking Aros Castle and bay, on the head of the valley of the Allt a’ Chaisteil. The remains of the dun's outwork occupy the summit of Cnoc na Sroine. It is oval in plan with scattered remains of walls some 10 feet across. There reamins considerable stretches walling some 4 feet high and up to seven or eight courses in height, some still in very good condition considering it dates back to the Dark Age.

You can still make out the entrance to the dun on the west side which is about 6 feet across. I could not make out any interior buildings so these must have been made of timber and have long since been lost to time and weather.

Looking at the outer works on the ridge there appears to have been an additional defensive stone wall.

The site is also often described as a fort. Also there was once a 'fine broch' found amongst the ruins recorded some hundred and fifty years ago, but sadly this is now lost amongst the rest of the scattered stones. I certainly could not make out any foundations to prove either way.

Acces to the dun is via a well worn footpath that weaves its way up the hill, but do make sure you wear good water-proof boots,as this path doubles up as a stream half way up!

Take the small track off the A848 opposite Aros past Shepherds Cottage on your right until you get to the end where you will find a few buildings, including Kate's Cottage. Here with due consideration you can park your car and take the footpath through the gate to the right of Kate's Cottage.

Follow the winding path up and you will eventually find the Dun on your left hand side, where you will then need to leave the path and head up over the boggy ground to the summit.

Once at the summit you will see the remains of the dark age dun laid out around you with spectacular views all around.

This makes for a lovely walk that is well rewarded when you make it to the top.