Castle Wigg

Castle Wigg, Dumfries and Galloway

~ History ~

1584 ~ The Vaux family sell the property of Wigg to Stewart's of Bardye and Tongerghie.

1593 ~ Archibald Stewart builds a fortified tower to protect the families property.

1662 ~ Patrick Agnew is the new owner of the castle. The tower is expanded into an-plan castle.

1711 ~ Hugh Hathorn, son of Elizabeth Stewart of Castle Wigg, is born in Edinburgh. He has eight children ann during his lifetime makes considerable alterations to the castles incorperating into a comfortable mansion for his growing family.


Whithorn, Newton Stewart


Off A746



Hidden away among trees and shrubs at the back of a farm, is a large ruined mansion that has its origins in a 16th century tower. This is not an easy ruin to find, so its best to look for the farm and ask for directions.

The grounds of the castle are very overgrown and is sadly used as a dumping ground for old tyres and rubbish.

Taking care you can explore the ruins which are quite extensive. Defining what is late medieval and later eighteenth century is not so easy, but nonetheless a great ruin to explore.