Moy Castle

Moy Castle, Isle of Mull

~ History ~

1263 ~ The Maclaines of Lochbuie, descendents from Gillean of the Battle Axe, fights along with his sons, at the battle of Largs between the Scottish & Norwegian Kings for control of the Highands and Islands.

1350 ~ Hector MacLaine (MacLean) is granted independent charters to lands on the Isle of Mull from John MacDonald, Lord of the Isles. Hector choses to build Moy Castle at the head of the loch.

1690 ~ The MacLeans twenty four men are forced to surrender the castle to  the government forces.

1752 ~ Lochbuie House is built next to the castle and replaces it as the rinciple seat of the Maclaine chieftains.


Near Lochbuie


Off A849


PA62 6AA

Moy Castle, in "Tower House" style, stands on a low rock platform at the head of Loch Buie on southern Mull. The site commands the Loch and a fertile plain on the landward side. The lack of natural defenses on the landward approach was made good by the construction of a rock ditch and by the erection of a barmkin wall enclosing the area.

Although there is no access to the castle itself and is in private ownership, you can approach the castle via the beach to have a good look round.

A fabulous little tower house nestled within tress, set against the backdrop of the surrounding hills overlooking an interesting rocky beach.