Lachlan Castle

Castle Lachlan, Argyll

~ History ~

1292 ~ The Argyll lands of the 4th Chief Gillespie MacLachlan are confirmed by King Balliol

1309 ~ Gillespie MacLachlan is in attendance of the parliamentary session in St.Andrews for King John Balliol.

1314 ~ A charter confirms Lachlan as the main seat of Clan MacLachlan by Robert the Bruce for the clan's loyal support to his cause.

1602 ~ Members of the Clan MacLachlan, with clans MacGregors, MacEwens and MacNeills, under the command of Archibald Campbell, 7th Earl of Argyll take part in attacking land belonging to the clan Colquhons, culminating in the Battle of Glen Fruin the following year, in clan MacGregors completely destroyed the Colquhons army.

1615 ~ Clan MacLachlan support the campaign of the 7th Earl of Argyll against the rebellion led by Sir James MacDonalds of Islay.

1644 ~ During the Scottish Civil War  MacLachlans with Clans Lamonts, MacNeills and Macdougalls supported King Charles I troops led by Alasdair Mac Colla MacDonald, and together they made numerous attacks againts the Campbells.

1646 ~ Several members of the MacLachlan clan take part alongside the  Campbells in the massacre of clan Lamont, which includes many women and children took part.

1689 ~ MacLachlan's participate in the victorious Battle of Killiecrankie for the Jacobite cause. In the battle their clan chief is killed commanding Jacobite troops.

1715 ~ The chief of the Clan Lachlan MacLachlan signs a document welcoming the "Old Pretender" - James Francis Edward Stuart to claim the Scottish throne. The clan are involved in the inconclusive Jacobite battle of Sheriffmuir. After the uprising, for the next five years Lachlan MacLachlan is chased and clan harassed by Sir James Campbell.

1745 ~  During the Jacobite uprising troops of Argyll Militia occupy the castle

1746 ~ At the Battle of Colloden 115 members of the clan fight alongside other clans for the Jacobite cause. After the battle only a handfull of the clans men survive. Lachlan MacLachlan is killed by a cannonball, his body found after the battle. Hanoverian government send a warship to completely destroy Jacobote strongholds, including Castle Lachlan.

1749 ~ MacLachlan lands are returned to the clan.

1794 ~ A new castle is built and the old castle is finally abandoned.




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Located on a small rocky peninsula on the shore of Loch Fyne is the fifteenth-century Castle Lachlan, which replaced and earlier thirteenth century castle.

The castle is easily accessable following a lengthy but enjoyable walk which takes you pass the new eitheenth century Lachlan Castle, to the old ruin which holds many interesting features to explore.

A really enjoyable ruin that you can fully explore by the side of a beautiful loch and surrounding Highland countryside.