Cassencarie Castle

Cassencarie Castle, Dumfries and Galloway

~ History ~

1575 ~ The building of a fortifield tower begins at Cassencarry by the Muir family.

1684 ~ The castle is expanded into a comfortable residence and is recorded as being  one of the considerable houses of the neighbourhood.

1866 ~  The estate is bought by the politician James Caird who baronialised the house around 1880, adding a further wing to the south and east.


Cassencarie, Newton Stewart





Situated on Luce Bay at the far side of a caravan park, pub and restaurant, is a really interesting 16th century castle much altered over the centuries to a mansionn, now very ruinous and neglected.

There are many interesting features that you can see from the outside of the castle, and there is a gate that takes you to the rear of the castle all.