Carrick Castle

Carrick Castle, Argyle and Bute

~ History ~

1300's ~ During the War of Scottish Independence the castle is occupied by the army of King Edward I of England, who grants  ownership to Sir Henry Percy.

1307 ~ Carrick castle is taken by troops loyal of the King of Scots - Robert the Bruce.

1350's ~ King David I of Scotland grants the castle to Clan Campbell.

1428 ~ Sir Duncan Campbell is confirmed as holder of "le Carryk".

1490's ~ King James IV uses Carrick Castle as his favorite hunting lodge.

1563 ~ Queen Mary Stuart is entertained at the castle for three days

1685 ~ In connection with the leading role of sir Archibald Campbell, in the usurper "Monmouth Rebellion" to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland, the castle is attacked and looted by Macleans and MacLachlans. The castle is abandoned after this attack to fall into disrepair.


4 miles south of Lochgoilhead


Off B839


PA24 8AF

Carrick Castle is picturesquely situated on a small rocky promontory on Loch Goil. This fifteenth century tower house is set within the most beautiful Highland surroundings.

Excellent in terms of strategic location, the first fortification on ths site was made by the Vikings.

The approach road is long and winds its way along the loch toward the castle and on a clear day, the scenary is simply stunning.

When we visited the owners were clearly still renovating the castle judging by the scafolding. A fantastic project and stunning home for the owners. A worthwhile drive for the scenary alone within which this castle is set.

The name Carrick derives from the Gaelic word 'Carraig ", meaning" rock.