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Carnasserie Castle, Argyll & Bute

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~ History ~

1529 ~ Sir Archibald Campbell, the fourth Earl of Argyll receives Carnasserie along with the castle, as part of the dowry of his new wife - Helen Hamilton, daughter of sir James Hamilton, 1st Earl of Arran.

1565 ~ A new castle is built by reforming churchman John Carswell,  Rector of Kilmartin, Chancellor of the Chapel Royal at Stirling Castle, and later Bishop of the Isles. Masons are brought from Stirling. Although the castle is notionally built for Carswell's patron, the Earl of Argyll, he fully intends it as a personal residence for himself.

1572 ~ Upon Carwell's death teh castle passes to his patron the Earl of Argyll.

1643 ~ The 8th Earl of Argyll sells Carnasserie to Sir Dugald Campbell, 3rd Baronet of Auchinbreck.

1685 ~ Following the 9th Earl's failed uprising in support of the Monmouth Rebellion against James VII, the castle is blown up by Royalist forces.




A816 / B840


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Carnasserie Castle is a massive, five-storey,  almost square in plan towerhouse with a great hall. Once it also had a number of outbuildings within a great courtyard.

The castle is situated on a hill from the footpath and carpark, and it is not until you climb the hill you realise this size of this impressive towerhouse.

Through its design inside and out, we both found the castle somewhat forboding and dark. Not until you climb to the top of the tower into the sunlight and look out to the beautiful surrounding countryside do you really appreciate this castle.