Cardrona Castle

Cardrona Castle, Midlothian

~ History ~

1534 ~ Malcolm Fleming, 3rd Lord Fleming, Lord Chamberlain of King James V, gives the property of Cardrona to sir William Govan, who laide claim through generations from 1358. William heirs build themsleves a tower house.

1685 ~ Due to financial problems the tower is taken by John Williamson of Hutcheonfield. Soon after Williamson builds, at the foot of Cardona Hill a new, more comfortable home. Cardrona Tower is abandoned.


Cardrona, 4 miles East of Peebles


Off B7062, A72


Near EH45 9LD

Cardrona Tower is a 16th century two-storey residential tower that once included a courtyard.

When exploring this castle its well worth considering its importance not as a single tower, but one of a series of towers built overlooking the River Tweed along Border country where watch fires could be seen between each in times of danger, which was a common threat each laird shared.

Set within Forestry Commission woodland from a short uphill walk from the road, access is relatively easy once you have located this tower on your map and have selected which woodland track to make, which is not obvious and is unsignposted.

The name Cardrona means castle on the ridge. Located overlooking the River Tweed with once excellent viewss across the valley of the river.