Brockloch Tower

Brockloch Tower, Dumfries and Galloway

~ History ~

1290's ~ Following the accidental death of King Alexander III of Scotland and the start of the cival wars that pitched Scottish clans against each other and then fighting for their independence against King Edward I of England, one of the MacMillan brothers of Argyle moved to Galloway and there established a new seat of Brockloch.

1450's ~ The MacMillan's lose their Argyll estates in Knapdale due to joining their Lord MacDonald in aiding James, Earl Douglas, in rebelling against King James II.

1500's ~ The MacMillan's build themselves a pele tower.


Carsphairn, Castle Douglas





Brockloch Tower is a restored 16th century tower house set in very lonely setting visible from the roadside.

The tower was an original stronghold of the Galloway MacMillan’s.