Boddam Castle

Boddam Castle, Aberdeenshire


Boddam, 3 miles S of Peterhead


Rocksley Drive


AB42 3BG

Boddam Castle is located on a flat promontory with steep cliffs on three sides. As a result there were few defensive needs apart from the landward side which featured ditches, a tower and walls protecting its courtyard.

Today little remains of the castle but it is set in a beautiful location.

Care should be taken if exploring the site due to the sheer drops on three sides and the uneven ground.

There is on road parking close by.

~ History ~

1460's ~ Gilbert Keith acquires Boddam through his marriage to the heiress daughter of the Ogstouns.

1513 ~ Sir John Keith is killed at the Battle of Flodden Field fighting the English.

1590's ~ The building of Boddam Castle begins by Sir William Keith.

1620's ~ The Keith's are involved in a bitter and violent dispute with the Fraser's of Castle Fraser over the deating in a local kirk.

1629 ~ Sir William Keith is created Baronet of Ludquharn.

1715 ~ During the Jacobite rebellion the castle's owner Sir William Keith is living in North America as a surveyor, whilst the rest of his clan are taking an active part in the rebellion.

Following the failure of the rebellion and resulting persecution of the Highland clans, Sir William gains fame as the Lieutenant - Governor of Pennsylvania.

However his career later collapses so he is forced to return to England.

Unfortunately, here too deeply in debt he spends the rest of his life dependent on the state, living among others in the social room at the Old Bailey in London. There he dies in 1749.

1771 ~ The 5th and last Baronet of Ludquharn dies andso the castle is abandoned and later used as a quarry for building materials, including the local harbour.