Ascog Castle

Ascog (Asgoc) Castle, Argyll

~ History ~

1646 ~ The Campbells torch and destroy the Lamonts stronghold following a two week siege. The Royalist Lamonts had been raiding Campbell lands and were now prisoners within their own castle.

The Lamonts are promised safe passage should they surrender from the safety of their stronghold. Archibald Campbell, Marquis of Argyll, has all 200 men, women and children slaughtered upon their surrender. Over 100 clansmen are taken to Dunoon and either hanged or buried alive.

1660 ~ Upon the Restoration King Charles II has Archibald Campbell, Marquess of Argyll, beheaded for treason and his head placed on a spike at the tolbooth in Edinburgh recently occupied by that of Montrose.

He restores the Lamonts to their lands but Asgog is too ruinous to reoccupy.


2 miles south-west of Tighnabruaich


Track off B8000


PA21 2BT

Ascog Castle is a very ruinous 15th century stronghold with the remains of a tower and courtyard, with a vaulted basement that can be explored.

The castle is in the grounds of two holiday let cottages on the edge of the loch in a beautiful location. On first examination there does not appear to be much to explore, but take a closer look and you will find the vaulted basement than can be explored with care. A fabulous location well worth a visit.