Horsburgh Nether Castle

Horsburgh Nether Castle, Borders

~ History ~

1296 ~ Simon de Horsbrok fights alongside Simon Fraser of Oliver Castle against King Edward I's invading english army.

1297 ~ Following the Scottish defeat to King Edward, Simon de Horsbrok and Sir Fraser fight again together for the English against the French in Flanders.

Upon their return to Scotland Edward decrees they are guidian's of the forest of Selkirk.

1298 ~ Simon Horsburgh is knighted.

1300 ~ Sir Simon Fraser takes part in the siege for King Edward I against the Scottish garrison at Caerlaverock Castle.

1301 ~ King Edward I arrives in Peebles to investigate which of the local magnates has rebelled against his rule. Sir Simon Horsburgh, who as an inseperable companion to the rebel Sir Simon Fraser, together lose their possessions. The are forced to pay annual rent to the English Crown of 46 shillings.

1306 ~ Sir Simon Fraser fights against the English alongside Robert the Bruce in the Battle of Methven, where they lose. He is captured and executed.

1492 ~ Sir Alexander Horsburgh is confirmed as owner of Horsburgh.

1503 ~ Sir Alexander Horsbugh together with William Veitch are sentanced to a fine of 10 pounds for killing without permission two young deer in the Royal forest of Etterick. Soon afterwards both are pardoned by the King.

1519 ~ Alexander becomes involved in the affairs of state during the minority of the young King James V, who is under the strict supervision of the Douglas clan.

1526 ~ In the Battle of Melrose Sir Walter Scott of Buccleuch attempts to rescue the young King James V from the clutches of the over-powerful Douglas, Earl of Angus while on a journey from Jedburgh to Edinburgh. Battle is joined and Buccleuch is defeated, losing some 80 of his 600 spear men. The Douglas clan lose some 100 men including the Laird of Cessford. This death triggers a murderous feud between the Kers of Cessford and the Scotts of Buccleuch.

Alexander Horsburgh is named as one of the murderers of the Laird.

He is later pardoned in the same year.

1529 ~ Sir John Horsburgh builds this his second castle of Nether Horsburgh within easy reach of Horsburgh Castle.

1542 ~ Sir John as captain of guard greets Queen Mary Stewart at nearby Tranquair.

1550 ~ Sir John dies.

1552 ~ Alexander Horsburgh marries the daughter of John, 2nd Lord Hay of Yester. Through this marriage their children become distant decendants of King Robert III of Scotland, King Edward III of England and King Philip IV of France.

1623 ~ Because of rising family debts and disputes over lands, the castle is sold.



2 miles south-east Peebles




EH44 6RE

Nether Horsburgh Castle is a ruined sixteenth century tower house, located in a secluded valley near the tributary Horse-Brook from which it takes its name. Now ruined it once had an ajoining courtyard.

This castle is not far from its sister Horsburgh Castle just down the same main road, on the opposite site partially hidden behind a farmyard.

With due consideration you can drive down the drive towards the farm and cottages and ask to park to visit the ruin, which is behind the farm buildings.

Its history is closely linked to Horsburgh castle until it was sold in

1623 because of family debts.