Druim an Duin

Druim an Duin , Knapdale, Argyll

~ History ~

A dun is a small fortified Iron Age stronghold or enclosure, usually circular or oval in shape and often built on a suitable crag or hillock. Duns may have been the residences of single, high status, families.

Druim an Duin is today covered in thick moss and bracken, surrounded by trees. In its day before the forrest reclaimed this ancient site, the inhabitants would have enjoyed panoramic views in all directions, defended with a steep bank and thick walls.

The layout of this fortified dwelling can still be easily traced with many of its walls still standing to a good height. It is fairly easy to imagine the wooden roof and internal walls with smoke rising from the fire, with the hustle and bustle of its inhabitants.

There is a clear entrance from the south, where the thick walls still stand some 12 courses high. A defensice guard chamber and bar hole is still evident. The entrance from the north is less clear with evidence that it had at some time been blocked up.

The site is of considerable size and interest.


N.E. of Arichonan


B8025 road South off B841


Nr PA31 8PF

Druim an Duin is an absolutely fabulous find on a sharp 'U' bend on a windy road south of Bellanoch. As you head south along the road you will find a celtic cross in the fork of the road. Take the right-hand fork and shortly before a sharp left-hand 'U' bend a mile or so along the road, you will find a forrestry commission track on the left. Take this track and park on the right where there is a natural parking area.

A short walk into the woods crossing with care over several ridges covered in moss and rotting trees, the ground steeply climbs upwards. The Dun can be found at the top of this climb.

Make sure you wear good walking boots. You will be rewarded with discovering one of the best preserved Dun's in all of Scotland. A fabulous place to explore.